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Toyota CD Changer Repairs

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In Dash 6 Disc Changer

    Some of the problems that we have repaired are:

  • Not switching to CD Changer when you press the CD button
  • Won't eject, load, or play CD's - what to do to get my cd's out?
  • Loud clicking each time you start the vehicle
  • Loads then says error and ejects the cd
  • I used a cd with a label or sticker on it (from library, church, or other) now jammed
  • Coins and other stuff put in cd changer
  • Error Codes  
  • Skipping or Pausing of CD being played
  • Other problems (E-mail us with specifics)

Easy steps for the repair.

  • You have many options with something that isn't working properly. The first step is to understand why you would want to repair instead of replace the unit. See "Why is repairing a good option"

  • Verify where the problem is and what needs to be repaired. Many times this is obvious (like on cd players that skip) but sometimes not so clear like sound that comes and goes (is it speaker, the amp, or stereo). Email a tech if you need help with figuring out where the problem is.

  • Review our estimate info here.

  • Remove it or have someone remove it for you. 

  • Print off the Send in form to enclose with the changer (all info needed is on the form, address, email, etc.)

  • Wrap it good with some bubble-wrap to protect.

  • All the carriers deliver here (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) Allow under 1 week for the repair, we'll contact you if need a few days longer for parts ordering.

  • Note: We will return everything that is sent in whether it's cd's or brackets, all will be kept together.


Here are general removal tips, specific tips are linked from the vehicles model page when available.

OEM Stereos do not require removing the knobs or faceplates as they did decades ago. They generally come out to the front as a complete stereo. The brackets that hold them in are usually just hidden by the dash trim that surrounds it. These panels generally have a couple well hidden screws holding them and then they usually will unsnap off, carefully. Once the stereo is out away from the dash you will see the connectors have a tab type lock to squeeze and release to unplug them.




  • Won't load or eject cd's

  • Won't play cd's

  • Clicking noise each time turn vehicle on

  • CD Skips at times

2001 Toyota Highlander

2003 Toyota 4-Runner 

98 Toyota 4-Runner 

2000 Toyota Sienna LE Van

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2001 Toyota Highlander


CQ-ET8060A.jpg (91547 bytes)

Removal - The Plastic wood grain that goes around the stereo will unsnap off. Use a regular screwdriver and gently pry until it snaps off, there are no screws holding it. Once that is off, you can easily see the 6 10mm bolts to remove the stereo, then the smaller phillips screws on the sides of the stereo to unbolt it from the mount. You do have to take one of the side mounts off in order for the radio to came backwards out of the mount, very easily.



2003-2009 Toyota 4-Runner  

CQ-ET1260A.jpg (123417 bytes)

Removing stereo:  

The portion in the center below the stereo that holds the clock has 1 screw holding it in on the bottom of it. You have to open that little storage door (for cd's?) to see the screw. Once the screw is out, that piece will pop out if gently pried on with straight edged screwdriver (or your fingers) (it is about 5 inch square section with clock on top and panel below) Once popped out, unplug the connector in back of it to release the wiring for the clock. Now, below the steering wheel is a panel, in the bottom right corner is a bolt that holds it snug, remove that bolt and now you can pull that panel loose. It will come off the ignition and pull out about 5 inches. This will allow you to see that there is another bolt just 1 inch to the right and behind the one that you just took out, behind the panel, remove that one also. Notice that the piece that has the cup holder and the shifter will unsnap up and off from the lower section of the console between the seats, pop it up with the shifter out of park, you can leave it plugged up and just rotate so it's out of the way. There is a small thin woodgrain piece in front of the cup holders that pops off. Remove the 2 10mm bolts that anchor the dash piece that are right below the stereo. Now the dash assembly that is to the left and right sides of the stereo will pop loose. Slide this dash assembly back just far enough that you can see the other 2 10mm bolts that are outside and deeper from the 2 bolts right below the stereo were at. Here is the same description of the 2 bolts, just reworded (the shiny bracket that mounts the stereo has the 2 bolts under the stereo and another bolt outside and deeper about 2 inches to the left and same to the right side.) Those 4 bolts along the bottom of the stereo are all that hold it in, but it is too large to come forward out the the dash assembly so it comes up and over it once that piece is loose. The stereo will need to come out and up over that front trim piece (which only comes about 6-8 inches forward to allow space to get to the stereo. By tipping it up and face first over the dash assembly, this will allow you to see and detach the connections on the back.


98 Toyota 4-Runner

Removing stereo:

(Front side of and rear side means to the front direction or rear direction of the vehicle). The way that you move the panel that surrounds the stereo is by first pop up the front side edge of the pocket that is the rear side of the shifter, just up an inch. Then you pop the panel that surrounds the shifter. There are 2 screws hidden behind the AC controls. To access them, start by pulling off the 2 round knobs and the 2 small slide lever knobs, they just pull off. Then you need to snap the faceplate off using a small screwdriver or similar to gently move it around the little catches on the edges, it comes off. Remove the 2 screws and then the panel, whole thing with vents, all unsnaps out. Move it around to allow you to get to the 4 bolts that hold in the stereo. Precaution: The panel that you are moving around to allow you to unbolt the stereo has metal clips on it sticking out the back pointing straight at the stereos delicate plastic faceplate. Just be careful not to let it touch the faceplate or it will scratch an undesirable scratch.

1999 Sierra Van (stereo has small faceplate number AD6802) We have repaired these cd players and not difficult to remove, just pop off the dash piece that is around the stereo and unbolt the stereo.


2002 Toyota Camry

Removing stereo:  

The portion in the center above the stereo that holds the vents and hazard switch will pop out. We found it to be a little tough to pop out. The section is held in by 3 clips, 2 are on bottom corners and 2-3 inches back. The 3rd one is on top right in the middle and above the hazard switch, it is only about an inch deep. The whole assembly pops out and the front woodgrain doesn't come off of it. Along the bottom the ashtray will pop out, the left side pops loose easier then the right - right side you may need to use a screwdriver to gently pry. The clip is about 3 inches deep below and to the right on the lighter. Once that section is out then you can see a plastic strip that pops out to expose the 2 bolts along bottom. Once the 2 10mm bolts along the bottom and the 2 10mm bolts along the top, then it will come out. Unplug connections and once assembly is out then you can just remove the 4 bolts on each side of the stereo. This will allow you to leave the temp controls in the bracket and put it back into the dash.

2003 Toyota Sequoia

Removing stereo:  

There are 2 phillips screws near the top vents. Remove them and the section that goes around the stereo will carefully unsnap off. Once that dash piece is moved you will see the 4 screws that hold the stereo in.