Sound System Troubleshooting Manual

You can figure some stuff out for yourself with a little help. Each manual gives you all the info that we can for you to either solve the problem yourself or take care of it locally. It is not always necessary to send it in for repair.

You will find each manual is easy to understand and explains how to find different types of problems. It informs you what is worth repairing and gives any easy solutions. It also lets you know how different ways you can upgrade to make the system better, that you can do yourself - or have done. Look at the Table of Contents to see what the manual covers.

Purchase up front, the manuals cost is discounted from your repair or product purchase!

If you find that you need additional help after using the manual, you can ask addition questions through our "Email A Tech" form. Your $20.00 payment has your manual shipped right away Priority Mail and will be received in 2-3 days. (in US)



Table of Contents                      Front Cover



Number on stereo faceplate beside the display Text on the tape deck door Item Number Purchase Online
LS 1991 Legend LS 2100 BOSE MANACULEGLS1991

  1992 Legend LS 2100 BOSE MANACULEGLS1992

  1993 Legend LS 2100 BOSE Premium MANACULEGLS1993

  1994 Legend LS  2100 BOSE Premium MANACULEGLS1994

  1995 Legend LS 2100 BOSE Premium MANACULEGLS1995

L 1993 Legend L 2200 BOSE MANACULEGL1993

  1994 Legend L 2200 BOSE MANACULEGL1994

  1995 Legend L 2200 BOSE MANACULEGL1995

GS 1993 Legend GS 2100 BOSE Premium MANACULEGGS1993

  1994 Legend GS 2100 BOSE Premium MANACULEGGS1994

  1995 Legend GS 2100 BOSE Premium MANACULEGGS1995

SE 1995 Legend SE 2200 BOSE MANACULEGSE1995

Even the simple things can become a headache when you don't have the solution. Every time something in a factory sound system isn't working properly, somebody has to know how the system is designed and do testing to determine what is wrong. This info empowers you so you can solve the easy stuff quickly, and know enough about the system to determine if the person you go to for help, knows enough to really help you. Just finding the problem often is more then half the battle and causes wasted time, money, and frustration. The manual not only gives you the most likely cause of a problem, it gives you checks to verify something is bad. Have you ever paid and found out later that you could have figured it out quicker, and a lot cheaper then the person you paid, if you just had it explained a little. This information has been gathered from over 15 years of doing repairs on factory equipment, working with many car dealerships. Some are very easy tests that technicians use to determine where the problem is, explained in layman's terms to help the car owner. What has developed out of years of practice, you now can receive it in an organized logical presentation.