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Trunk mounted 6 - Disc Changers

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    For the following problems, the CD player that is mounted in the trunk will need to be serviced.

  • Error Code E-01, E-02, or higher 
  • Skipping or Pausing of CD being played
  • Won't eject cartridge
  • Not reading CD but will load and eject OK
  • Other problems (E-mail us with specifics)

Easy steps for the repair.

  • You have many options with something that isn't working properly. The first step is to understand why you would want to repair instead of replace the unit. See "Why is repairing a good option"

  • Verify where the problem is and what needs to be repaired. Many times this is obvious (like on cd players that skip) but sometimes not so clear like sound that comes and goes (is it speaker, the amp, or stereo). Email a tech if you need help with figuring out where the problem is.

  • Review our estimate info here.

  • Remove it or have someone remove it for you. 

  • Print off the Send in form to enclose with the changer (all info needed is on the form, address, email, etc.)

  • Wrap it good with some bubble-wrap to protect.

  • All the carriers deliver here (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) Allow under 1 week for the repair, we'll contact you if need a few days longer for parts ordering.

  • Note: We will return everything that is sent in whether it's cd's or brackets, all will be kept together.


 Acura Legend CD Changer
Removing Instructions

These units are held in the car by two brackets that can be easily seen by moving the trunk lining from around the player. Once unbolted, the changer has a connector on the black wire about 10 inches from the unit. See below photo shows how the liner moves from the top. 

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Most of the Accords have the changer mounted at the top left side of the trunk, with a bar coming around front of it, to protect it. This bracket with bar holds the changer. They have 3 bolts (10mm) that bolt to the top of the trunk. The bolt closest to you is the only one that has to be taken all the way out. The other 2 just need to be loosened in order to side the bracket out. Then just unplug the changer from the connector that's about 10 inches from the backside, on the cable. It has a latch to squeeze and it just pulls apart. IMPORTANT: finger tighten the 3 bolts in order for them to hold the nuts/brackets in place at the top of the trunk. Without the bolt in there, they are loose and will fall out and possibly be lost, or you'll have to figure out where they go. The changer can be sent with the bar/bracket or without - it is held on by the 2 screws on each end. Whatever it comes in with (CD's, magazine, bracket) we mark them as yours and it all comes back to you. However, what you hold on to doesn't have to be tracked so carefully. 

Feedback from CD changers customers

My repaired 6 CD Unit from my 1993 Acura Legend arrived yesterday via UPS. This was considerably faster than you had indicated in your original estimate. I re-installed the unit this morning without incident (it took no more than 10 minutes) and it appears to be working great. I wanted to thank you for your prompt turn around. Your website and emails were very helpful in letting me know what to expect. I think that the charge (which included the return shipping) was very reasonable. Thanks again for your great service. Paul 1993 Legend 
I have been using the Acura CD Changer you repaired now for the better part of a month and it has been working flawlessly. You did a great job at a fair price. Thank you very much for your excellent service.  - Scott  - Sudbury, Mass. Acura Legend
THANK YOU! My Honda CD changer quit working, local (San Diego) stereo shops estimated well over $400 to fix. You web site gave great instructions for removing the unit from the trunk.  Dave   San Diego 1997 Honda Accord

CD cartridge jammed in the changer. My dealer quoted me $285 and at least two weeks delay for the repair. I found Willman's on the web, and I found a lot of positive comments about Willman's on an Acura NSX owners' website.

R & R Tips:   I had had the dealer remove it. Had I known how easy it was to remove/install I could have done it myself.

Comments:   The changer arrived today, I reinstalled it, and it works perfectly. I'm very pleased with the repair, the quick service (faster than the dealership), and the price, and will pass the word where I can. Steve   Louisville  KY   94 Honda  Accord  

Our 6 disc Bose CD changer was dead. Willman's quoted $120 to recondition the CD changer. Only took me 5 minutes to remove the CD changer. Received the CD changer back in less than 3 weeks. Works great now, and only cost $120. Took another 5 minutes to reinstall. Will follow up on getting these speakers fixed next. Chris - California 92 Legend LS

My wife's '95 Acura Legend came with a Bose 6 CD changer built in to the trunk mated to a Bose AM/FM radio. A month ago the CD player started acting squirrelly and two weeks ago quit entirely.

I called the Acura dealer who quoted me $400+tax. I talked with various local car stereo shops who had solutions that were not plug compatible. Most hooked into the antenna and played through the FM receiver. Wouldn't fit in the original hole using the stock trim pieces. Average price including installation was around $200. 90 day warrantee. Found a plug compatible unit from Tiawan for $130 with no warrantee other than if it came DOA. It too would not fit the original mounting scheme. Used replacement units on eBay were going for $170-225 with no warrantee.

Finally happened across Willman's Electronics http://www.willmanselectronics.com/ while doing Google searches. Checked with the Dallas BBB who had no complaints against them and decided to let them repair my unit. They charged me $120 (including shipping) and gave me a 12 month warrantee. I sent the unit to them UPS ground on Wednesday, Dec 10. It arrived at Willman's on Thursday, Dec 11 in the afternoon. They repaired it and shipped it out on Friday, Dec 12 arriving at my place last night. I installed it and all is now well again.

I just wish other "service" companies operated more like Willman's Electronics.  Bill -  Spring, Texas 1995 Acura Legend


Additional feedback from various customers



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WOW!!! Thanks for being so quick. You are a very respectable business and that is hard to find these days - especially over the internet.  Please know that if we ever need service for our other car's stereo, you will be the first we look to. Sincerely, Maria  Illinois  1994 BMW 740i 6 Disc Changer
Everybody's had that "too good to be true" notion about offers, deals and "come-ons," especially on the internet. Well...Willman's is most assuredly NOT too good to be true; they are true and they are good. I was impressed from start to finish when I entrusted my 10-year-old factory-installed automobile CD Changer to their care to diagnose and remedy, following 3 years of non-use because I couldn't find anyone to repair it within reasonable cost, and with such ease and dispatch. I found the answer in Willman's. I e-mailed and spoke personally to Daryl Willman on several occasions, who made himself available for consultation and step-by-step progress. The fixed-price estimate is rarely seen these days, and pre-approval for over-runs provides customer control at every stage. I will not hesitate to recommend Willman's to anyone requiring expert analysis and service. Thank you!! Chris  Pensacola, FL 1992 BMW 325i 
First off I'd like to thank you and the great people at Willman's Electronics for the superb customer service and help dealing with my problem. I was greatly impressed that you spent the time to check out my unit and not charge me labor, for which I would have expected to pay. Having pulled the unit and now replacing it back in the car, I can say that it shouldn't take more that half an hour to pull or replace the radio.

You were right that there was nothing wrong with the unit, the problem was a 15 amp fuse in slot 22 of the fuse box next to the steering column. I know I checked all the fuses once before, but somehow missed that one. Again your great service is appreciated. Regards, Will - Wisconsin   95 Nissan Maxima

Thank you for the prompt email reply and the great information. My stereo is on the way to you via UPS. I will give you the tracking number if you need it. Please let me know when it arrives and what you find out about what is wrong with it. If you need any information at all just email me and I will get back to you very quickly. By the way I had emailed over a dozen other online repair shops and choose you because you sounded the most honest of them all. Thanks, Mark

Thank you for the great service, the unit works just like new. I really appreciate your excellent work and very reasonable rate. You are top notch and if there is anyone that I know in need of your service I will definitely recommend your service to him or her. Thanks, Mark 

I just wanted to thank you for the great service. The quality and speed of your work is impressive. Thanks very much! Ron Albany NY  '89 Nissan Maxima Bose' Speaker Amp Rebuild 
1991   Infiniti  Q45  4Dr  Received my rebuilt Bose speakers. Wow! What a difference. Can't say enough about your service. It's great to finally have great sound in my auto again. Didn't know how bad my speakers were until I installed the rebuilt ones. Thanks Again!!  Butch    Franklin, TN
I had been driving around town without a radio for months because I changed the battery in my Acura 2.5TL and did not know the security code. Thanks to your tips, I was able to find the code and save 85 bucks!!!!! Thanks again. James
Thank you for the prompt email reply and the great information. My stereo is on the way to you via UPS. I will give you the tracking number if you need it. Please let me know when it arrives and what you find out about what is wrong with it. If you need any information at all just email me and I will get back to you very quickly. By the way I had emailed over a dozen other online repair shops and choose you because you sounded the most honest of them all. Thanks, Mark