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 Below is equipment that we repair and troubles seen. Also, we can add AUX or MP3 input to mose of the BMW stereos.

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  • FM goes static but AM still works (in stereo)
  • Tape decks that won't eject (in stereo)
  • Tape decks that play at the wrong speed (in stereo)
  • Radio's that the sound or stations fade out or off. (E-mail us with specifics)
  • Static or speakers cut out when turn volume control (in stereo)
  • Speakers or channels that cut out or are out totally (E-mail us with specifics)
  • Temperature related problems, after warms up or cools down. (E-mail us with specifics)
  • Other problems (E-Mail us with specifics)

Easy steps for the repair.

  • You have many options with something that isn't working properly. The first step is to understand why you would want to repair instead of replace the unit. See "Why is repairing a good option"

  • Verify where the problem is and what needs to be repaired. Many times this is obvious (like on cd players that skip) but sometimes not so clear like sound that comes and goes (is it speaker, the amp, or stereo). Email a tech if you need help with figuring out where the problem is.

  • Review our estimate info here.

  • Remove it or have someone remove it for you. 

  • Print off the Send in form to enclose with the changer (all info needed is on the form, address, email, etc.)

  • Wrap it good with some bubble-wrap to protect.

  • All the carriers deliver here (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) Allow under 1 week for the repair, we'll contact you if need a few days longer for parts ordering.

  • Note: We will return everything that is sent in whether it's cd's or brackets, all will be kept together.


Stereo Removal

Use a small screwdriver and open the small doors that are on the left and right side of the stereo. Inside is an allen screw. Turn the screw about 3-4 times counterclockwise and it will release the stereo so it will just pull straight out. These set screws do not come out, just loosen it. Then there is a block on the back with wires going to the stereo. The block has a slide piece on top that you can pry up with a regular flat screwdriver (there is also a picture of a screwdriver in the plastic) This tells you to pry it up, once it goes up about 1 inch the block of wires will pull off the stereo. There are a couple other small cables that pry off easily.

Below are recent emails we've responded to;
---- Original Message -----
Subject: Re: 1990 BMW 535i radio
> Daryl - sounds like it we might be able to work together - my radio
resembles  the ones you have on your web site bmw pictures as it also has the bmw logo in
> the cassette door. I presume I should mail it with  insurance etc... How would it work with the anti-theft code - or is that
not  an issue?
> Also how much for a general cleaning of the tape deck heads etc... on top
of  replacing all light bulbs and LCD? It is after all the first maintenance
in 10 years. But again, it works flawlessly.>
> Thanks,

  Most people use like a Mail Boxes etc. or like it. Just be sure whoever
packages it, uses plenty of peanuts or whatever. They ship just fine if pkg
is right, and tight so it doesn't rattle around in the box.

The anti-theft code is a 5 digit number that we will need to turn it on.

I'm thinking the radio you have has the allen set screws on each end to
remove it. Yes, that is factory and I'll tell you what you'll get for your $.

Display working
Volume control cleaned (it gets scratchy)
Tape deck serviced
That's what we usually do to those. 

Print off the "send in form" from the website and it has most info needed.

Take care and I'll watch for it to come in.



Feedback from BMW customers

UPS delivered my repaired CD player yesterday and I re-installed it today.  It works great -- good as new, if not better.  Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you and your team provided.  It's refreshing to know there are companies like yours still around, doing good work at fair prices. Best regards and best wishes for continued success.  If ever I can help you with an endorsement or reference, please don't hesitate to ask.  Larry  Scottsdale, AZ  1997 BMW 540i
The radio works great.......I think it works better than it ever did....good work. Peter 
Thanks for getting my radio fixed in such quick order.  I had forgotten how much a radio added to the pleasure of driving.  I had really gotten tired of talking to myself on the way to work and back.  Keep up the good work and I'll share your site with those I come across in need such as this. Tom  95 BMW 530i
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that my CD changer is working beautifully. Thanks for you quick service! It's also reassuring to know that your work carries a 12 month warranty. I'm glad to know about you guys. My head unit may need some work soon as the rear left channel cuts out and has static when turning volume knob. For now, I just thump or turn the volume knob a bit and it works...for a while. Thanks again, Evan
Finally had time to install the changer in the car today. It works great! Thanks for your excellent service. Alan  1994 BMW 525i Wagon cd changer repair
I've yet to be disappointed. Quick service; reliable delivery. As long as I keep my '89 BMW 325iC, I'll use Willman's. Jack - Fort Myers '89 BMW 325iC
I just received my repaired cd changer that I'd sent to you only a week ago from PA. I've installed the unit and it's working great. The BMW dealership where we take our car wanted $175. just to remove the changer and then send for repairs. Glad I found you on the internet. We hadn't used the changer in nearly a year because we didn't want to spend too much to get it repaired. I can't thank you enough for your work. Not only were the repairs affordable but your speedy return of our cd changer was quite extraordinary. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Ken -  Alburtis, PA  95 BMW 325ic
I got the CD changer back today. It works great! Thanks for your quick turn-around! It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks, Ian    St. Louis, MO  1994 BMW 325 ic 6 Disc CD Changer


Additional feedback from various customers



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WOW!!! Thanks for being so quick. You are a very respectable business and that is hard to find these days - especially over the internet.  Please know that if we ever need service for our other car's stereo, you will be the first we look to. Sincerely, Maria  Illinois  1994 BMW 740i 6 Disc Changer
Everybody's had that "too good to be true" notion about offers, deals and "come-ons," especially on the internet. Well...Willman's is most assuredly NOT too good to be true; they are true and they are good. I was impressed from start to finish when I entrusted my 10-year-old factory-installed automobile CD Changer to their care to diagnose and remedy, following 3 years of non-use because I couldn't find anyone to repair it within reasonable cost, and with such ease and dispatch. I found the answer in Willman's. I e-mailed and spoke personally to Daryl Willman on several occasions, who made himself available for consultation and step-by-step progress. The fixed-price estimate is rarely seen these days, and pre-approval for over-runs provides customer control at every stage. I will not hesitate to recommend Willman's to anyone requiring expert analysis and service. Thank you!! Chris  Pensacola, FL 1992 BMW 325i 
First off I'd like to thank you and the great people at Willman's Electronics for the superb customer service and help dealing with my problem. I was greatly impressed that you spent the time to check out my unit and not charge me labor, for which I would have expected to pay. Having pulled the unit and now replacing it back in the car, I can say that it shouldn't take more that half an hour to pull or replace the radio.

You were right that there was nothing wrong with the unit, the problem was a 15 amp fuse in slot 22 of the fuse box next to the steering column. I know I checked all the fuses once before, but somehow missed that one. Again your great service is appreciated. Regards, Will - Wisconsin   95 Nissan Maxima

Thank you for the prompt email reply and the great information. My stereo is on the way to you via UPS. I will give you the tracking number if you need it. Please let me know when it arrives and what you find out about what is wrong with it. If you need any information at all just email me and I will get back to you very quickly. By the way I had emailed over a dozen other online repair shops and choose you because you sounded the most honest of them all. Thanks, Mark

Thank you for the great service, the unit works just like new. I really appreciate your excellent work and very reasonable rate. You are top notch and if there is anyone that I know in need of your service I will definitely recommend your service to him or her. Thanks, Mark 

I just wanted to thank you for the great service. The quality and speed of your work is impressive. Thanks very much! Ron Albany NY  '89 Nissan Maxima Bose' Speaker Amp Rebuild 
1991   Infiniti  Q45  4Dr  Received my rebuilt Bose speakers. Wow! What a difference. Can't say enough about your service. It's great to finally have great sound in my auto again. Didn't know how bad my speakers were until I installed the rebuilt ones. Thanks Again!!  Butch    Franklin, TN
I had been driving around town without a radio for months because I changed the battery in my Acura 2.5TL and did not know the security code. Thanks to your tips, I was able to find the code and save 85 bucks!!!!! Thanks again. James
Thank you for the prompt email reply and the great information. My stereo is on the way to you via UPS. I will give you the tracking number if you need it. Please let me know when it arrives and what you find out about what is wrong with it. If you need any information at all just email me and I will get back to you very quickly. By the way I had emailed over a dozen other online repair shops and choose you because you sounded the most honest of them all. Thanks, Mark