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NSX Bose Speaker Removal Tips

Stereo Removal Tips

Start by opening the center console and removing all contents, this is easy to do unless you have the phone in there. The phone mount needs to be unbolted and when done properly, youíll find it a lot easier to put back together. Unhook the handset and lay it on passenger seat. There are screws to remove the mount, 2 in the top holes and you will notice that the bottom 2 holes have a rubber tip in them. Pull the rubber piece out and notice that only the passenger side hole has a screw in it. Those 3 screws will release it, and realize that there is another screw there but it holds a silver metal piece under the glove box floor. You donít want or need to remove that screw, let it hold that silver metal plate in place until you put things back together. Once the phone mount is removed, you can see the 4 screws that those that donít have the phone in there, can just remove in order to move the console glove box. The only reason that this glove box needs to be lifted is because the console plastic goes under it and there is a screw there that needs to be taken out. At the top is the clock and its frame, this insert is about 5 inches wide and will snap out of there, exposing 2 screws behind it to remove. Lift up the ashtray lid, past the point of just being open and that will pop the ashtray insert out. Pull the ashtray out and remove those 2 screws under it. Screw off the shifter knob, if OEM then the leather below the knob will come loose from the knob before you can unscrew it. To release the leather, squeeze the neck, right below the knob, putting most of the pressure on front and back part of the base to release. Basically squeeze and force down off the knob. The top of the console piece is tucked, and screwed under the framing where the clock was, that piece unsnaps out of there then take those 2 screws out that hold the top of the console. Now the console is loose, the lighter socket has a couple connectors behind it to be released or you may be able to leave them connected and just move the console over the pulled up parking brake lever and to the passenger side. The AC controls have 4 screws holding it in. Just remove them so you can move the controls up and expose the 2 top screws off the stereo mount, just like the 2 stereo mount screws under stereo.


Door Speakers Removal Tips

Each door has a speaker housing in it and the passenger floorboard to the front has the housing that has the bass speaker in it, also inside this housing's is the amp that powers the center speaker between the seats. These are the three housings that must be sent in for rebuild. One in each door and the passenger floor.

The door panels must be removed to get to the housing. Start at the door handle, there is a leather panel behind the handle that comes out and exposes the screws that hold the handle. The panel slides towards the rear and comes out from behind where the handle grip touches the door. I use a regular screwdriver and push it back from the front while pulling out the door handle latch. Once panel is out then there are 8 screws behind there, notice positions of 4 gold & 4 black screws for reinstall. Unplug the little connector to the power lock and the cable can be forced up and out of it's bracket (notice it's in the second space for reinstall). The top corners of the door panel, by the glass have 2 plastic moldings, they just pop off.

Next you have to remove the screws that hold the door panel to the door. These screws are all around the edge behind the door seal. Just move the seal enough to see and remove each one from the tab of the door panel. I believe there is 6 or 7 tabs along the panel. Move each tab to the front of the door seal, so it doesn't pull out the seal when moving the door panel. Once all the tabs are in front of the seal, then the panel can be pushed up and pulled out of the window edge where it is still hooked. It is easier to get out of there if you start at one of the top corners where the plastic piece has been removed. From there pull it out a little to go around that corner part and it can be then pushed upward and pulled out of the window edge. Unplug the connectors, to the little light and to the electronics on the handle and the panel can be set aside. Unplug and unscrew the housing that holds the speaker and that is the part that needs to be sent in.

Installing the door panel back on then follow these general instructions.

Start by connecting the plugs.
Hold it up there and align the door lock.
Start the front top corner in the bracket on the window edge. 
Seat the top edge all along top.
Put the tabs behind the door seal.
Be sure both attachments are at the door handle hole. The cable and the plug for door locks.
Screw the panel back tight along the tabs.
Hook the cable and plug to the door handle. Screw it down, gold screws to the front 4 slots.
Look at the backside of the leather insert for the handle, see the tabs that lock into place. Slide the leather piece from the rear in behind the handle. Sometimes pull out on the latch to ensure the panel doesn't feed into the grip of the latch. This piece goes in and forward the lock back in place.

For the Bass unit on the floor.  (This unit has the amp for the speaker between the seats - usually it covers any sound problems from the center speaker - we never have taken the speaker between the seats out, no need)

Pull out the mat. There is a piece of trim that runs along the bottom of the glove box, underneath, on bottom side, there are 2 screws that are pointed straight up. They are located towards the front of the car - in front of the 1 inch strip of leather under glove box. Remove those two screws and that strip snaps down out of there.

The carpet is held in there with 2 round push fasteners on the very top, using pliers, pull those out and pull down the carpet to expose the tin panel that is in front of the housing your trying to get to.

Remove the 10 mm bolts that are on the bottom of the tin panel and there is 1 bolt that holds it at the top. Unplug the connectors (blue & red) from the top of the tin panel, these are just held there, it's not used for anything we're doing, if they're not there then disregard. Remove the tin panel, sometimes it get hung up on the left side behind the carpet, it can be forces out from behind that carpet. You only have to loosen the 2 bolts at the top of the housing for it to slide down and out from behind the top bolts. Unplug the 2 connectors to it and it is out.

CD Changer

To remove the changer: There is a bolt on the other side of the changer mount (front of car side) that the rack hits when tilting the changer. If you remove that bolt, the changer will then tilt all the way to the trunk floor, this makes it very easy to get to the bolts that are on top of the changer to unhook it from the mount.